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     Bare & Lancaster        1.5          v          2.5         Heywood   (1)      



 Colour    Board   Bare & Lancaster     18Mar21      Heywood  (1)     Game Ref
B 1 Phillip Seery       0.5 - 0.5  John Addison      Here
W 2   Danny McMenamin       1 - 0 Kyle Pelling      Here
B 3 Andre Coltman       0 - 1 Dave Almond    Here
W 4  Douglas McClellan       0 - 1 Steve Flaherty    Here


 Well done team on a close victory tonight v our nearest rivals. It all came down to John Addison getting a draw from a really tough endgame v the strong Phil Seery. It seemed inevitable that Phil was breaking through on the Queen side with his pawns. However the wily John had other ideas and got a bit of counter play to force the draw. It will be interesting to see what the computer says. But we say "Well done, John".

Earlier on we had a typical Dave Almond game wheeling out the Nimzo Larsen attack- Norfolk gambit against a suitably bamboozled opponent. In fact I am still bamboozled. Did his opponent have to resign at move 15 or was there still something left for him ? Perhaps Dave can enlighten us.

I played an inexperienced player who gave too many pawns away and left a simple ending for me to force the win.

Kyle and his opponent played a lovely open game with free flowing lines throughout. Qd1 looked a good move by Kyle and invited him to take it and get mated. His opponent saw it and continued with his own attack on the kingside which proved to be unstoppable. Still a good game to watch.

So 2-0 early on then , 2-1 and looking like an honourable draw but John had other ideas.

Played 6 won 6. What happens next ? Is there more league chess after Easter ?

Steve Flaherty


     Heywood (2)        1           v          3         Leyland (2)        



 Colour    Board   Heywood (2)    17Mar21      Leyland (2)     Game Ref
B 1 Vic Pelling       0 - 1   David Tuke    Here
W 2  Tarini Jayawarna         0 - 1  S. Fitzgibbon  Here
B 3 Thisumi Jayawarna       0.5 - 0.5 Gary Fairclough    Here
W 4  Peter Hurn       0.5 - 0.5 Peter Harrington    Here


 Another tough match, a win for Leyland 2 meant they secured third spot in the league. We played some good matches and some great individual performances but ended up at the bottom of the pile. Its good fun and you only lose Lichess points as the games are not ECF rated.

Dave Innes had a new phone and unfortunately, he was unable to connect to Lichess, I stepped in to give his opponent a game. It was always going to be tough to get anything from the game, I was slightly behind from the start and my opponents experience and better-quality play saw it through for an easy win.

Thisumi was playing a very good player and the addition of being on black meant a tough game was ahead. The first passage of play was equal with both players activating pieces for board position. Thisumi’s opponent got a couple of tempos and was starting to have a better board position and attacking threats, however a blunder by her opponent let her right back in the game. Pieces were swapped to simplify the game, at this point there was no clear advantage and a draw was agreed. Well done, great result.

Pete has been in fine form in recent weeks and started very solidly, he activated his pieces and positioned them to start an attack. His king side pawns were advancing and his opponent was not sure what to do, his opponent tried not to open up the king side but that was a blunder and Pete took advantage managing to go a couple of pawns up. Best moves would have seen the game through but both players played some inaccuracies and his opponent managed to get back in the game and equalize the position. There seemed no way through in the rook and pawn end game and a draw was agreed. One that got away but a good draw, well done.

Tarini started well and after almost 20 moves the game was still in the balance, both players probing for an advantage and trying to force inaccuracies from each other. Her opponent started to get a slight advantage and slowly increased it as the game progressed. Tarini hung in there and made her opponent really fight for the win, her opponent kept up the pressure and eventually secured the victory. Fought right to the end, gritty stuff well done.

There is a break now as the season has ended, I will let you all know once the new season begins and will see if you wish to play. Thanks to everyone this season, its been great to watch the games, it was especially good to see Tarini, Thisumi and James getting involved.

Vic Pelling



     Heywood (2)        1           v          3         Bare & Lancaster         



 Colour    Board   Heywood 2    03Mar21      Bare & Lancaster     Game Ref
B 1 Dave Innes       0 - 1   Philip Seery    Here
W 2  James Wildsmith         0 - 1  Danny McMenamin  Default
B 3 Ian Mitchell       0 - 1 Andre Coltman    Here
W 4  Peter Hurn       1 - 0 Douglas Mclellan    Here



Another tough match, a win for Bare and Lancaster ensured they secured second spot in the league. We need a draw or a win in our final game to secure 3rd spot.

It was quite a strange match, James on our board 2 forgot about the game, I tried to contact him on email and phone but to no avail. I tried to draught Dave Almond in at the last minute but unfortunately the board 2 opponent would not wait any longer. By the time I had chance to look at the other games they were all over.

Our highlight of the night was Pete on board 4, his opponent made a few rash opening moves and literally by move 7 Pete had the game sewn up, it was just a matter of seeing the game out. Excellent play, your opponent made mistakes but you still have to go on and win the game.

David Innes Played Phil Seery who is a 170-grade rapid player and a really tough opponent. The opening 10 moves were very solid for both players whilst they were trying to get an advantage on board position. E5 on move 13 was a blunder by David which led to the loss of a pawn and no central pawns on the board. The next passage of play was frantic with pieces and exchanges being lost and won. At the end of the frantic exchanges David was behind and promptly resigned. Good effort, this was always going to be a tough game.

Unusually for Ian he also had a quick game. His first 9 moves were good but a small inaccuracy gave his opponent a pawn and a good tempo. His opponent then promptly sacked a Knight for a pawn in exchange for a good board position and the King being open. His opponent quickly brought forward several pieces into attacking positions and the attack proved too strong for Ian to hold off. A couple of moves put you on the backfoot and unfortunately there was no way to recover.

Thank you everyone, Bare and Lancaster have a couple of players who would hold their own in Division 1 so it was a good try and we managed to get a point.

Vic Pelling





     Leyland (2)        0          v          4         Heywood   (1)      



 Colour    Board   Leyland 2    02Mar21      Heywood  (1)     Game Ref
B 1 Ken Lawson       0 - 1  John Addison      Here
W 2   Steve Hughes       0 - 1 Dave Almond       Here
B 3 Mick Walsh       0 - 1 Dave Innes    Here
W 4  Geoff Key       0 - 1 Steve Flaherty    Here



Well done team with a mighty 4-0 victory and now winners of Division 2 with a game to spare. And all done without the youth Kyle.  

As Mr Adderton put it "Championes".  

Our opponents were rather generous tonight with several errors which gave us the edge in all four games.  

My opponent gave away his knight with what was definitely not a sound sacrifice. I just had to find the prettiest way to win. I was just about to do so when my opponent resigned.  

Dave Almond, fresh from stopping me having a podium finish last night, was taking no prisoners. A bishop for a pawn has got to be a good thing. Then followed up by a late long sided castling on move 23. The inevitable soon followed.  

John Addison looked to be having a tough opening until a blunder by Ken Lawson handed the game to John.  

Dave Innes, our Musselburgh marvel, probably had the hardest game against one of the Walsh twins. It was very even until the old adage of a knight on the rim is grim was proved again with Dave picking up the trapped knight. There was still much to be done to finish the lad off but Dave made no mistake. Perhaps Dave Innes can be the one to explain to us sassenachs just what the Sturgeon and Salmond row is about?

Steve Flaherty



     Heywood (2)        1           v          3         Heywood   (1)      



 Colour    Board   Heywood 2    17Feb21      Heywood  (1)     Game Ref
B 1 Dave Innes       0 - 1    Kyle Pelling    Here
W 2  Tarini Jayawarna         1 - 0 John Addison     Here
B 3 Thisumi Jayawarna       0 - 1 Dave Almond    Here
W 4  Ian Mitchell       0 - 1 Steve Flaherty    Here




Well done to Heywood 1 team who overcame their compatriots in Heywood 2 by 3-1. And that was despite the machinations by Heywood 2's wily captain Vic Pelling.

Kyle and Dave Innes had a good game with Dave Innes piling in all the pieces down the King' side. Kyle was not intimidated and got plenty of counter play and came out on top after the middle game. He then coolly converted his advantage. 1-0 to Heywood 1.

Dave 'Sid' Almond's game had a bit of drama in it- a takeback move was asked for and granted. tell us more. Who asked for the takeback and was it granted because it was an obvious mouseslip ? Dave missed a chance to win Thisumi's Bishop and Knight on move 25 when Bf6 would have taken the guarding piece. would it be a draw ? however experience of endgame showed through and Dave won a second pawn and on to victory- 2-0 to Heywood 2.

Steve played Ian Mitchell and played something he does not normally do- a semi open game ! No crabbit blocked pawns this time. Ian had all sorts of threats as well because Steve was bit slow developing his white bishop and Queen's rook. However a cleverly placed bishop on the a file proved decisive as he launched a number of attacks on the queen which Ian could no longer defend the knight. 3-0 to Heywood 1.

Meanwhile John Addison and Tarini were having a battle royal. John seemed to have won a pawn on move 24 but T countered and won one back. Noted was the time situation with John on 2 minutes and T on 8 minutes. Perhaps because of this John retreated his king when it could have taken a crucial pawn and what would have been the win. Then something at John's end froze- maybe his internet connection or maybe his brain as his time ran down and a loss on time was duly recorded for Heywood 2's mighty Tarini. Final score 3-1 to Heywood 1.

Steve F




     Heywood (1)        3           v          1         Bare & Lancaster      



 Colour    Board   Heywood 1    03Feb21      Bare & Lancaster     Game Ref
B 1  Kyle Pelling       ½ - ½   Phil Seery    Here
W 2 John Addison         ½ - ½  Danny Macmenamin    Here
B 3 Dave Almond       1 - 0 Andre Coltman    Here
W 4 Steve Flaherty        1 - 0 Douglas Mclellan    Here


Well done team tonight. We won 3-1 with no one losing.

First up was your captain who had a very kind opponent who went a piece down in the first ten moves. After that I just needed to be careful to clock up an easy win.

Dave "Sid " Almond was the next to finish. A fairly even opening but Dave did slightly expose his opponent's king. His opponent then missed a simple check by Dave's queen which was also attacking the bishop. Soon it was all over.

Stormin Norman aka John Addison, playing a 2060 player, did a good imitation of the charge of the light brigade with his pawns advancing en masse. Or were they going into the valley of the shadow of death ? They certainly disappeared quickly but I presume John knew a draw was all that was needed so even though a pawn up he offered and got the draw.

That left the wunderkid, Kyle Pelling, on Board 1 playing the wily Phil Seery who carries an online 2000 grade. Phil managed to double Kyle's pawns in the centre of the board then advanced his king to take the pawn. However it still left a difficult king and pawn ending and Kyle defended it well frustrating his opponent and getting a well deserved draw.


So 3-1 to us and top of the league on our own now!


Steve Flaherty


         Leyland  (2)        0.5         v        3.5    Heywood     (2)  



 Colour    Board   Leyland  (2)    02Feb21      Heywood  (2)     Game Ref
B 1 Ken Lawson       0 - 1   Tarini Jayawarna     Here
W 2  Peter Harrington        0 - 1  Thisumi Jayawarna    Here
B 3 David Clayton      0.5 - 0.5 James Wildsmith    Here
W 4 Geoff Key        0 - 1 Peter Hurn    Here


Once again, a superb team effort, I fielded a very young but very capable team who would give a good account of themselves.

Thisumi played a good steady opening and started to develop the pieces, a blunder was made on move 14 by her opponent and a piece was won. This proved decisive in the game, Thisumi managed the game well by swapping off pieces and exposing the king. The game was won and Thisumi had over 41 mins on the clock – Amazing game well done.

James started a little bit late but was quickly into the game and he was happy to swap off a couple of pieces and the queen to open the board. He was under pressure in the middle game and an exchange was lost but there was some counterplay available. Solid moves were played by both sides and a draw was a fair result. Well done James, I know you are a bit rusty but you played well.

As in our last match Pete was the was the favourite for the game from a grading perspective but as we all know this doesn’t guarantee victory. 7 moves into the game and Pete was already taking control of the board as his opponent had made a couple of small inaccuracies. However, the game went to an incredible topsy turvy game with one side and then the other taking good advantages. Pete once again started to take control at move 25 and continued applying the pressure, he maneuvered his pieces smartly and managed to reduce his opponents board presence with winning both pieces and pawns. His opponent was left with no other option but to resign. Well played Pete

Tarini had the tough job of being on board 1, her opponent is very under-rated and always plays well. It was an epic game with both sides playing well and not giving an inch. Tarini’s Move 29 (g4) was a good move and could maybe have been followed by h5 to put the rook under pressure. Both players focused on getting the position from the d pawn but trying to get the tactic to secure it was becoming costly on time for both players. With time being low some pieces were swapped to make the game less complicated, Tarini started to take control at this point and won a piece. This effectively won the game, incredibly well played.

Thank you everyone, well played.

Our first win of the season Leyland (2) 0.5 v 3.5 Heywood (2)



         Bare & Lancaster        3          v        1    Heywood     (2)  



 Colour    Board   Bare & Lancaster    21Jan21      Heywood  (2)     Game Ref
B 1 Phil Seery        1 - 0   Davod Innes    Here
W 2  Danny McMenamin       1 - 0  Tarini Jayawarna    Here
B 3 Andres Coltman       1 - 0 Ian Mitchell    Here
W 4 John Metcalfe         0 - 1 Peter Hurn    Here


Once again, a superb team effort, I fielded a very strong team as Bare and Lancaster have players who should really be playing in Division1.

Pete’s form has been a little up and down of late but he was the favourite for the game from a grading perspective. 10 moves into the game and Pete’s opponent had made a couple of inaccuracies and a mistake giving Pete a good advantage. Pete continued to apply pressure and maneuvered his pieces to start attacking the King whilst also attacking the queen. The pressure was too much for his opponent as they lost their queen and with Checkmate unavoidable, he resigned. Super game from Pete, no inaccuracies, no mistakes and no blunders.

David Innes on board 1 had a tough game as his opponent Phil Seery won 5 of his 6 games last season. David started very well and 19 moves into the game held an advantage. Bg7 on move 20 looked a good move as it attacked the Rook but it was an inaccuracy and this let Phil back into the game. Phil swapped off pieces and being a pawn up and a more active king he went on to win the game. Great effort by David.

Tarini on board 2 also had a tough match as her opponent Danny is ECF 159 rated and he had the white pieces. In an open start there were a series of inaccuracies from both sides but by move 13 Danny had gained the upper hand. Tarini’s king was a little exposed and defending it was always going to be difficult. The next passage of play showed both players making “excellent” and “best” moves but with an exchange lost and a couple of pawns down the writing was on the wall. Good effort against a very good player.

Ian played some great chess last season winning games where he was out graded, he played d3 in the opening and should have castled, this allowed his opponent to get a check and resulted in winning a bishop. Both players then settled into the game and Ian went on the attack trying to force his opponent into an error. No errors were made and Ian’s opponent started to attack the King side, a Checkmate was imminent and Ian resigned. An early lost piece was the difference to the game, good effort in trying to get back into the game. I am sure you will be winning again soon.

Bare and Lancaster winning the game 3 – 1 


Vic Pelling



         Heywood (1)        2.5           v        1.5    Heywood     (2)  



 Colour    Board   Heywood 1    15Jan21      Heywood  (2)     Game Ref
B 1  Kyle Pelling       ½ - ½   Tarini Jayawarna    Here
W 2 John Addison        1 - 0  Thisumi Jayawarna    Here
B 3 Dave Almond       1 - 0 James Wildsmith    Here
W 4 Peter Hurn         0 - 1 Ian Mitchell    Here



Dave in Team 1 carried on where he left off last season, he went a pawn down but with a strong board position. He skillfully maneuvered his pieces into a great attacking position and finished the game off with a quick win. James opened very well but was just beaten by a better player.

On paper team 2’s best chance of securing something was the board 4 duel. Steady openings were played but an incorrect move at move 9 by Pete on team 1 meant that a piece was won by Ian. Ian proceeded to move pieces and was happy to swap them off when the opportunity arose. Another incorrect play at move 22 meant that Ian won another piece and went on to win the match.

There was an almighty tussle on Board 2 with our youngest player taking on a Heywood stalwart – John. It was nip and tuck with no one giving any ground. An inaccuracy was played on move 24 but the position was equalised on the very next move by another inaccurate move. It was again too close to call until at move 37 a small advantage was gained by John on team 1, he managed to maintain the slight advantage throughout the game but was made to really fight hard to earn the win. Excellent game Thisumi, very well played.

With the game at 2-1 for team 1 we needed a victory on Board 1 from Tarini to secure a draw. This was going to be really tough as the 2 juniors have played together for a number of years and know each other’s games very well.

The game proceeded as expected and a very tight game ensued, a pawn was won by Kyle on Team 1 at move 22 which gave him a slight advantage but nothing significant. The game continued to be really tight but Kyle was slowly increasing his advantage and had the momentum – until a mistake was made on move 38 and the game was once again equalised. Tarini was starting to get counter play and attacking moves were forthcoming however time is usually a factor between these 2 juniors and once again time was starting to get away, both players had attacking opportunities but a draw was played for by means of perpetual check which meant team 1 were the Victors.

Excellent play team 2, you made team 1 fight all the way to secure their win.

Vic Pelling